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Willow "@gweelos" Smith

If you are looking for some tunes of this modern time but with an old-school Sade twist..Check out Willow Smith!

Sneak Peak: the wait almost over??
Will this be the cover of Rich's next mix-tape?

There hasn't been a confirmation on the release or if this will be the cover art but this is dope, and we are waiting patiently RICH!!!

Invest in our youth.. Below is a donation button. Please send Rich's music career some funds. $1 to $100 and beyond will be appreciated. Watch your money at work for this young musical genius. #GodBlessYou
ChristopherRichMartinez was born November 22nd, 1996 in Miami. More commonly known as “IsDatRich,” Rich is a Miami-Dade County raised hip-hop/rap recording artist from where some consider the heart of Miami, “liberty city”. Rich began his musical career in 2012 as a Music Engineer. Due to circumstances surrounding friend and rapper RG Shyne, and motivations from long-term friend Ted, Rich decided to pursue a career on the other end of the mic. It is here that the artist first began recording under the management of Dominique Le Blu, through Nico Blu Entertainment. From that day forward, a star was fostered. Since beginning his career Rich has produced multiple works, and gathered many fans along the way. The curly-haired Honduran rapper has gained fan base not only through his talent, but also through his appeal to his female audience. Both raw talent, and appeal has contributed to the artist’s success today. Rich’s style of rap appeals to the everyday struggle, and grind of fast paced Miami. It is through this that Rich developed his rapping roots, and also gained his respect.

R E X F O R D Good Lie

Is this thing on?? Do you hear me?

I'm just making sure I have your full attention before I go running my mouth about this next band in the spotlight.

Rexford is a band from New York City. On vocals is Matthew Hashimoto, keyboards and production are turned up by Floris Boere and drums are banged out by Derek Nelson. The trio are wonderful and the music they create together attracts the heart. Like a breath of fresh air. The EP titled Good Lie has 5 tracks that one can play continuously and the urge to keep the entire EP on repeat is real. I can hear the track "Don't Look Back" playing in the background right now and I am anticipating track "Yes, Virginia" to come on. I have found myself working while this EP plays, along with stretching on the floor after a long day and just staring out of the window being grateful for all that is. That's the kind of music this band gives. Rexford Music reminds people that there are more to come but make sure to be grateful for now.

In conclusion to reviewing this EP, I am a fan. I have found myself purchasing a song from this EP to make sure it is added to my playlist and I also made sure to get their latest single "Back Around" which was released February 2015. Do I really have to end this review??? uuuuggghhhh.. I could keep writing but I just want to keep listening. Did I mention that you should be clicking the links I leave below to get your own copy of R E X F O R D Good Lie ?? Yes, It's that serious.

Golden State of Mind by C-Point

Le Blu here and I am excited to tell you about C-Point from Fresno, California. Recently the Nico Blu office was given C-Points portfolio and during his listening session all heads were bumping. Beats were on point & the big wow were his lyrics. The West-Coast vibe was fun to bump to and then here comes C-Point with his "relevant to life" lyrics.
"I like his music..." -Nico

The hardest thing for a rapper to do is to get other coasts to bump their sound but I think C-Point will get more & more attention form the East-Coast real soon. Every song is not the same but whatever your preference is he has it for you.

Me personally, I like the way he puts some of life's struggle in the mix. It's like he knows that he is suppose to be speaking on these subjects for the better of mankind. Brave is the 1 word I will continue to use when speaking of C-Point. It seems to be too easy for rappers to get big checks with just a good beat & a catchy melody but C-Point is showing that it is more for him. He wants people to hear the struggle of a "Real Man" & also the journey to success of real people in this fux up world. . . and for that I salute him!! With that being said, check out the new homie C-Point from Fresno, California. He will prove that music is more than "the radio", music is a message and his message might just trigger more minds about living revolutionary.

His latest work is album entitled Golden State of Mind which is available for purchase.

My favorite track on the album is #14 Work It Out feat. Honest Jaye. Call me female but I like that song. If you need a more bumped out tune I'll say turn #6 Just up. That one goes hard too.

Just released: Timeless Black Plague which is a snippet. It's now on his soundcloud page & its a must hear. I saw so many people on facebook speaking about Black History month & why there isn't a white history month..why does it have to be secluded into a month..well this snippet is relevant to that!

Do yourself & the people around you a favor and check out C-Point:
C-Point on the web at
If you like listening to music on sound cloud he's there too

Bob Marley's Grandson, Stro-D!!

My favorite thing to do while listening to new music is actually LISTEN. I put in my headphones and warm up a cup of tea and listen. Just know this particular music session was well over due. See I am a Marley follower and although this certain breed-line of the Marley's sound different they are all ONE.
Stro-D.. remember we heard him on KJ's First Blood Mix-tape? Yea, he came in and spit his 32's and left gracefully. Well looks like someone has been in the studio creating his own sound. Yea, his sound is his own. No comparison so far. (Currently listening to Take Kare on his sound cloud playlist). I can hear the tone of a lion in his voice then add bars and a beat.. Good God! I'm bumping.. yeeeeeeeeee!!

Back to why I love listening to music at this time in one's music career. See, I can feel his understanding now and as he continues to create music and grow and the message gets deeper, I'll be able to understand then too. "I ain't no bandwagon rider. While listening to A Place Where There Ain't No Sunshine (remix) -Jahnathan Nerette feat. Stro-D, I can remember my first time seeing Stro-D and KJ and Kymani Marley in Key West a few years back. My oldest daughter (5 years old at the time) begged me to drive her from Miami to Key West to see Kymani Marley on the stage. Best night of our lives. We were able to meet Kymani & his beautiful family earlier that day and later that night the show was amazing. I remember seeing Stro-D with a camera hanging off his neck (If I'm correct). The day my daughter found her love for music. Then a friend gave me KJ's First Blood mix-tape and I saw the interest my daughter had in the music and the fellas she heard. I approved, I saw the future in it.

Now that Stro-D has started to release his sound I feel I am entitled to speak about it more now. There are so many young people who follow and support me and Nico Blu Miami and it is my duty to provide them with real music and real feelings. This music gives the ease for street dudes to step on the stepping stones to their higher dimensions even with the memory of struggles and reality. Like a listen of fresh air. I #salute the movement and I support it fully because there is an actually message in the music I am hearing from them. The world deserves this sound..right now!! (ended this review listening to Through The Valley- Stro-D)

* Click on his picture above to be directed to Stro-D's sound cloud page

Review on #BlackPaint by Dominique Le Blu


     So, I've been listening to Black Paint since the release 12.1.2013 at midnight and the one word I can use to describe the 6 tracks plus the secret interlude is "Genius". First question that came to my head was, "Who is Freeazy Free and why hasn't any of these major companies given this guy a record deal and money advance to create more of this genius music?" 

From beginning to end Black Paint gives me a jolly feeling. The same feeling I had seeing my mom clean up the house every Saturday morning while playing her favorite tunes. The samples used in each track is so memorable and perfect for the holidays. 

Have you ever heard a 15 track album and skipped a few songs because you could do without listening to them?? yea, not this EP, I actually backed the songs up every time it got close to the end. I can see him on the same musical level as Jay-z and Kanye, Let's just see where his head is! 

On a star rating of 1-5 I give Black Paint a 4.5 and that's just because I wanted more songs to vibe to. My personal favorites are, hmmmm, all of them really. Go listen for yourself. Its on mymixtapez app for free download. Great things coming your way!

-Le Blu

Studio Vlog #1 in the RED ROOM

There is a time in every music artist's life where nothing matters but putting in work to master the craft. In this Vlog watch how Nico Blu Miami work and see exactly why the BUZZ is about what they're doing in 2014. Starring Dominique Le Blu, the hard working fellas Frankie Coke, Rich, Ted & Tilaman. This is Vlog #1, stay tuned for more footage on many more artist working with Nico Blu Miami.
Google: IsDatRich

"Higher Heights is just like my audio resume. Want to consider me for an A&R position? Need a resume or proof of my potential?? Take a listen at #HigherHeights"- Dominique Le Blu

Konfrontation Music Presents: 
KJ "First Blood"

Konfrontation Musik Group has been cooking up some good *ish and Nico Blu Miami has the pleasure of bringing it to your attention. From the beginning skit intro with Father Kymani Marley unleashing his little animal, you can feel the energy that has been packaged for the listeners to vibe to. KJ  has just released his mix-tape FIRST BLOOD and it goes hard! KJ has music running deep in his veins & he proves it in each track. Don't be surprised when you hear  Stro-D (KJ's younger brother) spit his 32 bars on this mix-tape. What do you expect? This was an anticipated mix-tape for the movement and followers ever since KJ hopped on the stage with his Father during "Armed & Dangerous". Read up on Konfrontation Music, KMG, KJ, Kymani Marley, Stro-D and the entire movement. Feels like we will be hearing much more from KMG!


Words from Scareface to the upcoming artist. LISTEN!